Friendly people and monster crabs

A good friend of Alice lives in Taiwan since three years and is excited about the country and the people, which made it to an obligatory stop on our trip. Figuring out that there are affordable flights from Taiwan to Japan boosted our excitement even more. As written before, we had a sleepless night at the airport and on the plane and arrived in Taiwan quite hung over. But once we were off the plane, we started discovering amazing details about this place Continue reading “Friendly people and monster crabs”

Himalayas and uninvited guests

The choice of transportation to get from Darjeeling to Kathmandu is quite limited: You can go back all the way to Delhi and fly to Kathmandu for a more or less reasonable price โ€“ which is connected with two days of travelling, you can cross the border to Nepal by land and take a domestic flight from an airport near the border โ€“ foreigners are charged absolutely absurd prices for the short domestic flights or you can go on an adventurous 12 hour overnight bus journey for a reasonable price. Guess, what we chose? ๐Ÿ˜€ Continue reading “Himalayas and uninvited guests”

Tea hills and colonial railways

Darjeeling is the pearl of teas and the Darjeeling region is a hidden gem where only a few westerners find their way to.

Michael and I are both tea lovers and enjoy a good cup of black tea, especially if it is Darjeeling tea. We knew, that the region can also offer some stunning landscapes and views of Himalayas, so we decided to put this place on our list and to pay a visit to the Indian far north. Continue reading “Tea hills and colonial railways”