Packing list

What does one need on a trip around the world?

Well, not too much. You should always keep in mind:

  • you’re never prepared for everything
  • you can’t carry as much as you can pack
  • if you miss something, you can buy it at your destination as well (most things are cheaper anyways)

However, we feel bad leaving with empty backpacks and since we already have a lot of stuff, it makes sense to use it. Both of us have put some thought into what we’re going to pack or buy at our destinations. In general: you can buy clothes anywhere, for technical equipment, it makes sense to take it from home.

The maximum recommended weight for the backpack is around 15 kilos – if you take more, you need to be sure that you can handle the weight on your back for some time.


We will take two additonal daypacks with us. which we will change at our destination for newer models.


  • Her: (more than him) ūüėČ

    • 4 x¬†sleevles tops
    • 5 x T-Shirts
    • 3 x¬†longsleeves
    • 1 x¬†linen blouse
    • 1 x¬†cotton sweater
    • 1 x¬†Fleece jacket for cold days, which drys fast
    • Pants:
      • 3 x shorts
      • 2 x light pants
      • 1 x hiking trousers with zip-off legs
      • 1 x comfy jeans
    • 1 x light dress
    • 1 x raincoat from¬†North Face Funktionsjacke. The coat is not heavy, is easily to crease and protects against rain and wind
    • Head and neck covering:
      • 1 x¬†Beanie hat¬†with fleece coating.
      • 1 x¬†Scarf
    • 2 x Bikinis
    • Underwear:
      • 7 x¬†Panties
      • 2 x¬†Bras
      • 1 x¬†Sports-Bra
      • 1 x Thermo underwear
    • 5 x Sneaker-socks¬†and 2 x long socks
    • Shoes:
  • Him: (definitely less than her)

      • 2 x longsleeve t-shirts
      • 5 x T-Shirts
      • 1 x¬†Hoodie
      • 1 x Shirt¬†(still in¬†discussion ūüôā )
      • ¬†Hosen:
        • 1 x¬†Hiking trousers
        • 1 x Jeans
        • 1 x¬†Shorts
        • 1 x Thermo¬†underwear
      • 1 x¬†Trunks
      • Rain- and Wind jacket
      • Underwear:
        • 7 x¬†panties
        • 7 x Pairs of socks
      • ¬†Shoes:
        • Nike Sneaker¬†for every day use.
        • Trekking shoes
        • Flip Flops

Packing aids

  • Ikea Packing bags
  • Several¬†plastic¬†bags
  • DM Zip-bags in¬†different sizes
  • Big¬†plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Roll of ¬†garbage bags (also for dirty clothes)


  • Her

    • Spacious¬†Sponge bag¬†that fits aaaaall her stuff
    • Big microfiber towel
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Dental floss
    • Shampoo
    • Bodywash
    • Deo roll
    • Facial creme
    • Shaver
    • Blades
    • Hair rubbers
    • Small¬†brush
    • Tampons¬†in a¬†Zip-bag
    • Pill (full year’s stack – check with your doc before)
    • Sun screen
    • Q-tips
    • Nail scisors
    • Nailfile
    • small¬†bottle of nail polish remover
    • Nail polish
    • Eye lenses for a whole year
    • Eye lens¬†fluid

  • Him:

    • 2 x sponge bags¬†(one for the big backpack with normal sized bottles and one for the carry on in case the big backpacks gets lost)
    • Big microfiber towel
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Dental floss
    • Shampoo
    • Bodywash
    • Deo roll
    • Shaver
    • Blades
    • Shaving cream
    • Comb
    • Q-tips
    • Nailset


Becoming sick during the trip is something we need to be prepared for and the best way to do it is by listening to doctors and packing the right kind of medication. You can’t protect yourself against everything, but having the right medicine for the most common kinds of medical issues is a good idea. We restricted ourselves on pills¬†against food poisoning, stomach-, head aches and fever. We also packed pills against Malaria, hoping not to use them. Additionally, we have a first-aid kit with plasters and compresses.

Technical equipment

It’s hard to find the middle way between leaving the necessary at home and taking too much – we hope, we didn’t take too much.

  • Laptop: We’ve been thinking for a while, if tablets aren’t enough, but then decided that if we want to edit our photos and videos we need a laptop with the necessary power to do it.
  • iPad¬†Mini: it is practical to work on the blog and we did not want to take two laptops with us.
  • Wireless card reader, wifi router ,pwerbank and anything else you want in a nifty gadget. The wonder gadget from Ravpower¬†is especially practical to stream¬†movies on your tablet.
  • Camera 1: Small Nikon ¬†for fast snapshots and maybe video shots
  • Kamera 2: Large¬†Nikon with a heavy lense¬†– with an inconspicuous neopren bag, where the camera fits in neatly.
  • Tripod: small and light enough to fit in the backpack, but at the same time still high and stable – perfect for the large camera.