One month to go

Today in one month we will be in Oslo and will be somewhere between excitement, fear and release. Especially release is something we are both very much looking forward to as in the next 30 days we will be very busy with selling and moving our furniture and anything else, that doesn’t fit in our backpacks. The truck is rented, the boxes are ordered, some furniture is gone already, but the unsecure feeling, if the rest will be sold in time or if we will need to organize some plan B starts giving me sleepless nights.

The time of goodbyes also has started for me – just this weekend I met some friends knowing, that it’s the last time we see each other for a while. It’s a very weird feeling, everyone is happy, that we make this dream come true and is also a bit jealous, but for us it’s all still completely unreal and that’s why we’re looking forward to being in Oslo in one month, looking down on the fjords and starting to realize, that the most amazing time of our lifes has just began 🙂


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