The smell of burned trash and a glimpse of Taj Mahal

After a sleepless night, we left the plane and there it was again – this typical smell you’ll have in your nose as soon as you arrive in Asia, a mixture of smog, food prepared on the street, exhaust fumes and burned trash… the smell of vacations 😀

Our first adventure was to withdraw cash from the ATM. As we didn’t have a local sim card and the airport in Delhi didn’t offer WIFI, we were unprepared (again). Continue reading “The smell of burned trash and a glimpse of Taj Mahal”

The man-spa experience

Hey everyone,
we had a couple eventful days and didn’t get to post new stories, but we promise to deliver all of them in the next days – here’s our second day, enjoy!

We were really looking forward to our stop-over in Istanbul, as we didn’t plan to visit any tourist attractions and planned this as a pure relaxation stop. After all the stress at the airport and the miracle of Oslo, we were even more ready for some treatments. First of all we overslept breakfast in our hotel because our phones were showing the wrong local time but also because we really needed that extra hour of sleep. This lead us to a delicious small patisserie just around the corner from our hotel, where we had a Turkish breakfast with fresh orange juice, veggies, eggs and a really nice cake. Continue reading “The man-spa experience”

Run! Run, as if your life depends on it.

Hi everyone,
we finally arrived in India and found the time and energy to post the below, which we wrote on the plane just after leaving Norway.

Oh boy, what an eventful start into our backpack trip around the world. Today early in the morning, we calculated a little extra time as the airport in Hamburg announced, that there will be a strike of the ground staff starting with the early shift. As we arrived there we saw the people already gathering with their flags and vests branded in union colors… Thoughts like: Will we leave? If yes, will our luggage leave with us? Not to worry… as good Germans we calculated this in. Arrived on time (before the strike was announced – they said it should start around 6 am) – good for us that we were there at 5! 😉 Sleep is overrated anyways. 😛 Continue reading “Run! Run, as if your life depends on it.”

See you in a year…

…this is something we both heard a lot in the last two weeks. In parallel to the stress of getting rid of all our belongings and our flats (not as smooth as one might think), we had to say good bye to friends, colleagues and family. On the one hand it felt like a compliment to hear that one will be missed at work, but on the other hand it is really hard to realize, that saying good bye to close friends and family in most cases really means, we won’t see them for the next 12 months. Especially saying good bye to our concerned parents and family is not easy… We promise them to take care of each other and look after each other and come home safely 🙂

Let’s see if we can catch any sleep tonight or if the anticipation of great adventures lying ahead will keep us awake 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed that the airport in Hamburg will not go on strike tomorrow as announced in the media. Thank you all for your best wishes, recommendations, gifts and just being there for us.