Killer bees and mountain roads

The east coast of Taiwan is the more rural part of the country, where indigenous tribes still live in the mountains and one can enjoy a scenic coastal road with the ocean on one side and green hills on the other – we didn’t need much more to be convinced. After some hours in the train, we finally arrived in Hualien, which is not a particularly beautiful town, but it’s perfectly located to visit the Taroko national park, which was highly recommended by several sources. This time we decided to stay at an AirBnB again and met Sophia and her friendly cat, who came by often and just wanted some deserved belly rubs… all the time (just the cat). 😀  Continue reading “Killer bees and mountain roads”

Friendly people and monster crabs

A good friend of Alice lives in Taiwan since three years and is excited about the country and the people, which made it to an obligatory stop on our trip. Figuring out that there are affordable flights from Taiwan to Japan boosted our excitement even more. As written before, we had a sleepless night at the airport and on the plane and arrived in Taiwan quite hung over. But once we were off the plane, we started discovering amazing details about this place Continue reading “Friendly people and monster crabs”