Run! Run, as if your life depends on it.

Hi everyone,
we finally arrived in India and found the time and energy to post the below, which we wrote on the plane just after leaving Norway.

Oh boy, what an eventful start into our backpack trip around the world. Today early in the morning, we calculated a little extra time as the airport in Hamburg announced, that there will be a strike of the ground staff starting with the early shift. As we arrived there we saw the people already gathering with their flags and vests branded in union colors… Thoughts like: Will we leave? If yes, will our luggage leave with us? Not to worry… as good Germans we calculated this in. Arrived on time (before the strike was announced – they said it should start around 6 am) – good for us that we were there at 5! 😉 Sleep is overrated anyways. 😛 Continue reading “Run! Run, as if your life depends on it.”