Tea hills and colonial railways

Darjeeling is the pearl of teas and the Darjeeling region is a hidden gem where only a few westerners find their way to.

Michael and I are both tea lovers and enjoy a good cup of black tea, especially if it is Darjeeling tea. We knew, that the region can also offer some stunning landscapes and views of Himalayas, so we decided to put this place on our list and to pay a visit to the Indian far north. Continue reading “Tea hills and colonial railways”

The Red Fort and politics for breakfast

After discovering most of the famous landmarks of Delhi, we still had one on our list: the Red Fort. On the way there, we began to understand, that everything, we saw until now, was the privileged upper class part of Delhi and we are now about to enter the real world. On the way there, some of the prejudices you hear about India were confirmed, when we saw extremely poor people on the streets, children digging in trash, beggars with open wounds, etc. Once we arrived at the fort, we were faced with hundreds of rickshaws, tuk tuk and thousands of people for whom we looked like total aliens. Continue reading “The Red Fort and politics for breakfast”