See you in a year…

…this is something we both heard a lot in the last two weeks. In parallel to the stress of getting rid of all our belongings and our flats (not as smooth as one might think), we had to say good bye to friends, colleagues and family. On the one hand it felt like a compliment to hear that one will be missed at work, but on the other hand it is really hard to realize, that saying good bye to close friends and family in most cases really means, we won’t see them for the next 12 months. Especially saying good bye to our concerned parents and family is not easy… We promise them to take care of each other and look after each other and come home safely 🙂

Let’s see if we can catch any sleep tonight or if the anticipation of great adventures lying ahead will keep us awake 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed that the airport in Hamburg will not go on strike tomorrow as announced in the media. Thank you all for your best wishes, recommendations, gifts and just being there for us.